DIY Tutorial | Father’s Day Silhouette Coffee Mug


With Father’s Day just around the corner, I got my busy self organized earlier than I normally would – and came up with a fun and easy tutorial for a Father’s Day Silhouette Coffee Mug. I hope you enjoy it and make one for your man:) It’s in the little things, right? Right!

Father's-Day-DIY Et voilà! This daddy approved!

Hero If you are interested in the graphics shown above – you can download them here for FREE. Interested in having your custom silhouettes made? Contact me!


Coffee Mug – Target ($3.99) | Inkjet waterslide decal paper (I use the clear one) | Sealer and Clear Acrylic coating – Hobby Lobby.

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  1. John & Crystal Riezinger says:

    Are these dishwasher safe?

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