DIY Project | Stenciled Silhouette Easter Eggs


Wonder what I did this past weekend? Head over here to find out…

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Vana Chupp is a wife, mother of two sweet boys and the heart and soul behind Le Papier Studio. This blog chronicles my thoughts on running a small business and capturing life's special moments. Follow +Vana Chupp on Google +.
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6 Responses to DIY Project | Stenciled Silhouette Easter Eggs

  1. The Shopping Mama says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vana says:

    glad you liked it ladies:)

  3. Mrs. Huse Clifton says:

    Love your silhouettes you do a fantastic job. Newest follower because I can't wait to see what else you make. And congrat to your husband and family on his new job.

  4. Stacy - InkSpot Workshop says:

    Love this!!!!

  5. Callie Grayson says:

    I love this little project, I just wish I lived near my nieces to do this with them!! But I will send to my mum to do with them when they visit my parents next weekend. She loves to do crafts with them.

  6. Cherry Blossoms says:

    Love this idea so much that I also am sharing this on my blog tomorrow.
    I also love the Elle place cards as after all that is my babies name!
    Keep up the beautiful work!

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